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Pin Striping

Painted pinstripes are a simple and effective way to increase the aesthetic value of your vehicle or match your vehicle’s design to your personality. Professionally applied pinstriping can help make your vehicle really stand out. But to avoid crooked lines, misplaced graphics and rapidly peeling tape, the job has to be done right. The highly-skilled team at Georgia Square Collision has the experience, expertise, and tools necessary to deliver a great result.

Contrary to first impression, pinstriping isn't for amateurs. It takes talent and repetition to consistently create the desired outcome. We work closely with the vehicle owner before the striping begins, and provide customers with access to a full selection of colors, styles, and widths so they are able to make the exact statement they want.

Rather than struggle with feet of pinstriping tape, cleaning products, knives, towels and heat guns, save time by bringing your pinstriping projects to Georgia Square Collision.