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Brake Repair Athens GA

When a car won't start, that really sucks, but when a car won't stop, that can be even worse. The brakes are the most important system in your car. If one of your car's systems fails altogether, you don't want it to be your brakes! Delaying a brake check can lead to more costly repairs, such as worn pads damaging your rotors, or it can lead to serious problems that end in car wrecks and insurance claims.

Reliable brakes are essential to properly stop your vehicle. Vibrations when stepping on the brake pedal and squealing noises are just a few signs that indicate an issue with your brakes. Don’t wait too long to have your brakes inspected. It comprises your ability to safely brake and can lead to more expensive brake repairs in the long run.

At Georgia Square Collision, we're here to help with all your brake repair and service needs. We service all vehicle makes and models including cars, trucks and SUVs and we make it our mission to keep your vehicle's brakes in safe, working order. We stand behind our brake work, guaranteed, in writing.

Brake repairs and services are just one way we work hard to earn your business. Our ASE certified technicians are brake experts and we can repair and replace all types of brake types and brake parts (disc, drum, ABS, etc.). In fact, many auto repair shops do not have the trained technicians or the right equipment to diagnose anti-lock brake systems - but we do! We can inspect your brakes and brake pads to let you know how often to replace them; then show you what we find and let you know our recommendations for your brake repairs.

Many shops are quick to recommend new brake pads when you don’t need them, but you won’t get that here-- honesty is our priority. Whether your car is equipped with disc brakes or drum brakes, anti-lock or not, we’ve got you covered. Just a few of the brake services we perform include brake pad replacements and brake fluid flushes. In addition, we offer an extensive list of brake repairs. If you’re unsure if we can perform a specific brake repair, be sure to give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with an answer. Armed with the right tools and parts, our team of experienced technicians can accurately diagnose brake issues and perform quality services and repairs, ultimately saving you valuable time and money.

Georgia Square Collision offers a full range of brake repair and replacement services. Our low labor rates, coupled with your choice of OEM or quality aftermarket parts, mean you can get high quality brake jobs at affordable prices. Available brake services include:

  • Brake inspections
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake shoe replacement
  • Brake rotor turning/resurfacing
  • Brake discs/rotor replacement
  • Brake drum turning/resurfacing
  • Brake drum replacement
  • Brake fluid replacement
  • Anti-lock brake system (ABS) repairs
  • Brake system repairs to master cylinder, brake booster, brake calipers, & brake lines
  • Brake Inspections
How often should I have my brakes checked?

The best time to have your brakes checked is when you have your tires rotated. This method keeps you on schedule that maximizes safety and minimizes time and expense. It also ensures that both the front brakes and the rear brakes are inspected at the same time.

Since tire rotations require removing the wheels, the brake inspection should be done at the same time. Most vehicle and tire manufacturers recommend tire rotations every 5,000 to 7,500 miles of travel, so most people will have their brakes checked twice a year.

If for some reason you are not getting your tires rotated this often, you should have a brake inspection performed no less often than once a year. Of course, if you start to hear unfamiliar brake noises or feel a change in your car’s braking behavior, you should have your brakes checked immediately.

What is included in a brake inspection?

A thorough brake inspection should include the following items:

  • Visual inspection and measurement of brake pad/shoe thickness.
  • Visual inspection of brake rotors/drums for abnormal wear.
  • Visual inspection of brake lines, brake calipers, and brake master cylinder for leaks.
  • Inspection of brake fluid for cleanliness.
  • Testing of brake fluid for moisture content.

We offer brake inspections with a tire rotation, at no additional cost to you. A tire rotation and brake inspection costs just $9.95 with our coupon!

What is included in a brake service?

New Brake Rotor & Pads

A brake service, sometimes referred to as a brake job, will include all of the items in the brake inspection, plus the following items:

  • Replacement of brake pads or shoes.
  • Resurfacing (turning) of brake rotors or drums.
  • Inspection/lubrication of slide pins, which allow the brake pads to move in and out.
  • Inspection of brake caliper operation.
  • Inspection of brake drum wheel cylinders and hardware for leaks and proper operation.
  • Road test to confirm proper brake operation.

If the brake rotors (also known as “brake discs”) or drums are worn such that they cannot be resurfaced, they would have to be replaced at an additional cost. There may also be an additional cost if the brake fluid needs to be flushed and replaced.

Our brake service comes with new brake pads or brake shoes, and includes resurfacing the brake rotors or drums. This is particularly important because most of the time your new brakes will start to vibrate within 30 days if the rotors or drums are not resurfaced when new brake pads or shoes are installed. The cost is the same for front brakes and rear brakes. Get our full brake service for as low as $122.95 with our coupon!

Brake Fluid Change

Why do I need to change my brake fluid and how often should it be done? Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid that acts like a liquid lever. When you push the brake pedal, the fluid pushes the brake pads onto the brake rotors, stopping the car.

Brake fluid is effective because it does not compress under pressure. Using your brakes generates a lot of heat. Heat is the enemy of brake fluid, because if brake fluid boils, air bubbles will develop in the brake lines. Air bubbles compress easily, so when you put your foot on the brake pedal, the pedal moves but the brake pads don’t. This means your car won’t stop!

Brake fluid also absorbs moisture over time, and moisture lowers the boiling point of brake fluid, increasing the chance of getting air bubbles in the brake lines.

Most auto manufacturers recommend changing brake fluid every 2 years. We offer our brake fluid service for as low as $89.95.

Common Brake Questions

My brakes are making noise. Why, and what should I do about it? Your brakes can make several types of brake noise. Grinding and squealing are the most common kinds of brake noise (for more information about squeaky brakes, take a look at this article). Brake noise can be caused by a number of things, including:

  • Worn brake pads or shoes
  • Warped brake rotors
  • Worn brake rotors or drums
  • Fluid leaking onto the brake surfaces
  • Certain types of brake pad material
  • Heat glazing of brake surfaces

In most cases, a new brake noise is a sign that something is wrong. It’s well worth spending $9.95 on a brake inspection to check this noise. It could save you money by catching a problem while it’s still minor. It could also prevent an accident, and, frankly, possibly save your life.

How long should my new brakes last?

Brake pads, rotors, shoes, & drums are wear items that are affected by many factors.

City driving wears out brakes much faster than highway driving. Performance cars have much more aggressive brakes, with pads that wear out faster. Vehicle weight has a big effect on brake pad life, as does driver behavior, like slamming on brakes or riding the brake pedal, which wears brake pads faster.

We have seen front brakes wear out in as few as 10,000-15,000 miles, but we have also seen front brakes last 60,000 miles. As a general rule, rear brakes will last about twice as long as front brakes because up to 90% of vehicle braking is done by the front brakes.

Once you have had a couple of periodic brake inspections, we will be able to give you an idea of how long you can expect your current set of brakes to last. Most brake pads sold today also include wear indicators called “squealers” (Can you guess why?) that will start to make noise when your pads need to be replaced.

Question about your brakes or ready to make an appointment for a brake job? Just click the button below to get in touch!

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