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Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Need an A/C inspection or repair for your vehicle? Our automotive A/C experts inspect, evaluate, recharge and repair your vehicle’s A/C system. Our ASE certified technicians are equipped to handle a full range of A/C system services and perform the required repairs to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning blowing cold all summer long.

Nothing can be more frustrating than to turn on your AC and have warm air or very little air flowing through the vents. Georgia Square Collision has the equipment and expertise necessary to keep your air conditioning system maintained and running smoothly. If there’s a problem, our diagnostics will pinpoint the issue, so that the necessary repairs can be handled quickly and economically.

How can you tell if there are difficulties with your air conditioning? Obviously, the most common sign of trouble is that the air blowing through the vents is warm instead of cool or there is no air blowing at all. Many people assume this means that they are low on refrigerant; although that may be the case, it is not the only possible cause and overcharging an AC system can lead to more serious damage to your system. Proper diagnosis of the cause is essential, before attempting a solution. You may also notice some weird noises occur when you attempt to turn the AC on. If the drive belt on your AC compressor is worn or cracked, it can slip or break, causing unusual noises. This can create some serious issues, even beyond your AC system. Bring your vehicle in for inspection promptly.

The best way to keep repairs to a minimum on your AC system is an annual inspection of your air conditioning system. During an annual inspection, our service team will check for any available updates to your system’s software, check for refrigerant leaks and do an inspection of all the system components to avoid potential failures that might require more costly repairs in the future.

As stated above, in order to properly repair an air conditioning system, the root cause of the problems need to first be properly diagnosed. Georgia Square Collision is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that can provide quick and accurate diagnostics. Some of these repairs can get pretty costly. The last thing you want is a car repairman you don't trust. We look for what is causing the problem for a long term repair and not a “quick fix” - You can trust us to tell you what’s wrong with it and price you fairly.

The best way to maintain your air conditioning system is to use it regularly, even when it’s not hot outside. A/C refrigerant is also a lubricant (like your engine oil), which keeps the system’s seals and moving parts from drying out and wearing prematurely. In the winter, use your A/C compressor with your defroster to help keep the system in good shape.

The other important practice for maximizing your air conditioning system’s efficiency and durability is to get it checked as soon as you notice a decrease in performance. Georgia Square Collision can check your car’s A/C for leaks, and spot trouble while it is still early (and less expensive to fix). Our environmentally-friendly air conditioning recycling equipment will preserve your refrigerant and our ASE certified technicians will diagnose and repair your system to ensure its peak efficiency. In many cases, a simple O-ring, replaced in a timely manner, can prevent damage to the expensive parts of the system. If major repairs are necessary, our affordable labor rates and parts pricing will save you a great deal of money.

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