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How To Tell If Brakes Are Worn

How To Tell If Brakes Are Worn

Making sure your brakes are in good condition is critical to your car’s well-being. Regular brake maintenance and inspection are also crucial to your safety as the driver and for your passengers. Though checking your brakes may not be something that comes to mind very often, it is incredibly important. Your brakes always need to be in prime condition so you are able to slow down and stop effectively.

So are you wondering how to tell if brakes are worn in your vehicle?


Getting A Collision Repair Estimate

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If you have been involved in an accident, you will need to get an estimate of the damage in order to understand how much it will cost to repair your car and begin the repair process. We have found that people have a lot of questions about the estimate writing process, which can add more stress to an already stressful time. The most common questions about getting a collision repair estimate revolve around the following items:


For The 5th Straight Year, It’s Georgia Square Collision!

best auto repair shop

Georgia Square Collision named by Reader's Choice 2016 as Best Auto Repair Shop, Best Mechanic and Best Lube, Oil, & Filter Shop


What To Do With A Totaled Car

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What To Do With A Totaled Car? Can You Fix A Totaled Car And Still Drive It?


The Best Auto Repair Shop In Athens, GA 4 Years In A Row!

Best Auto Repair Shop

For the fourth year in a row, Georgia Square Collision is proud and honored to have been named the 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards Best Auto Repair Shop by the readers of the Athens Banner-Herald and onlineathens.com.


Hyundai Names Georgia Square Collision A Recognized Collision Center

As of this summer, Hyundai Motor America has launched a Recognized Collision Repair Network. Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Centers must maintain manufacturer approved standards for training, possess the proper repair equipment, and pass regular inspections and audits designed to verify that the shop is adhering to program guidelines.


Nissan Names Georgia Square Collision an Infiniti Certified Collision Repair Facility

As is the case with more and more automobile manufacturers doing business in the United States, Nissan North America has established a Certified Collision Repair Network. Nissan’s goal in establishing this network is to provide its vehicle owners with access to high quality collision repairs.


A Tour of Athens, GA’s Only Dedicated Aluminum Collision Repair Facility

Georgia Square Collision Aluminum Repair Center

Today’s automobiles are being constructed with more and more high tech materials. This is great for safety and fuel efficiency, but these new materials require new repair techniques if the vehicle is involved in a collision.


Honda Names Georgia Square Collision a Certified Collision Repair Facility

American Honda Motor Company, manufacturer of Honda and Acura automobiles, has created a new Certified Collision Repair Network.

In order to be named a Honda ProFirst Certified Facility, collision repair shops must complete Honda specific training, acquire factory mandated tools and equipment, and use Honda approved repair processes. Participating body shops also undergo periodic inspection visits to ensure compliance with program requirements.


3 Big Differences Between Aluminum Repair and Traditional Collision Repair

2015 Ford F150 aluminum body

Prior to the introduction of the 2015 Ford F150, aluminum was only used as a primary body material on limited production vehicles like Range Rovers, Jaguar XK sedans, Audi A8s, and certain Mercedes-Benz models. Accordingly, aluminum repair expertise was usually limited to a few high-end collision centers.


Ford Motor Company Recognizes Georgia Square Collision as a Certified Aluminum Repair Facility

When Ford Motor Company redesigned the 2015 F150 pickup, the company made a dramatic shift from traditional steel construction to a totally new design using aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. This resulted in a truck that weighs up to 700 pounds less than the outgoing model. The lighter body of the new F150 means that the pickup can tow more, haul more, and use less fuel.


My Headlights Don’t Match! Collision Repair and Headlight Restoration

headlight restoration and collision repair athens ga

If your car has been in an accident and insurance is paying for the repair, the insurance company will pay to restore the damaged areas to pre-accident condition. What they won’t do is pay to make the undamaged parts of your car look like the newly repaired part. This means that your car may be returned with some parts looking newer than others.