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When Do I Pay?


You pay us when you pick up your car, and if an insurance company is involved and they’re paying us directly, then you don’t have to pay us at all. If you were the at fault party in the accident, you will typically have a deductible that you are responsible for, and that is the part of your insurance or the part of your loss that you pay yourself. That money is paid to us and not to your insurance company, and it is paid at the time you pick up your car. Typically, that is something your insurance carrier will discuss with you prior to coming in so that you are aware of what your deductible is and you know what you’re expected to be responsible for at the time of pick-up. However, if you’re not sure of the deductible amount and you have any questions, be sure to tell our estimator that so we can contact your insurance company and confirm the amount of your deductible for you.