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What Types of Parts are Used?


There are basically three types of parts that are commonly used to repair automobiles. There are new, original equipment-manufactured parts, which means that these parts were made by the same people that made your car. There are used, original equipment-manufactured parts, or recycled parts, which were made by the original manufacturer or your car but have been put on a car already. These are ‘junkyard parts’, which isn’t a bad thing. These parts were on a car the same age or newer than your car, but this car was involved in an accident, and these were the undamaged parts of that automobile. The third type of parts used are aftermarket parts. These are new parts that were made by a manufacturer other than the one that built your automobile. What parts we use depends on what you want to have put on your car and what you and your insurance company agreed to use when you signed your insurance contract. We work with you and your insurance company to make the best decisions to save you money and restore your car to its original condition.