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What is the Cost to Repaint a Car?


This is possibly our most frequent question. When we say ‘repaint,’ we’re not talking about collision repair at this point. This applies to cars whose paint may have faded or aged, and you’d like it to look new again. If your goal is to return the car to the condition it was in when you bought it, a proper factory-finish runs between $3,000-$5,000. That includes removing all trim from the vehicle, the door handles, glass, headlights, taillights and bumpers. It involves stripping and prepping the paint surface and using original, equipment-quality primer, a base coat and finally clear-finish coats on top. It’s a much more involved process than most people think, and the cost of using manufacturer-quality paint is quite high. The result: you get a finish that we warranty for as long as you own your car. Our finishes stand up to the elements and the test of time!