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We’re Here For You! Our Free Rental Car Program

What do you do if your car has been wrecked and you don’t have rental car coverage on your insurance policy? Walk? Hitchhike? Here’s a better solution: bring your car to Georgia Square Collision. Not only will we repair your car quickly, you may be eligible for free use of a rental car while your car is in our shop!

Here’s how it works: we’ll provide you with free use of a rental car for up to 8 days, depending on the severity of your collision damage.

  • $1500 repair = 3 days rental
  • $2500 repair = 5 days rental
  • $5000 repair = 8 days rental

Be sure to ask about our free rental car program when you contact us to schedule your fast, free estimate!

You must have full coverage insurance (meaning collision and comprehensive insurance) with your insurance carrier to qualify. If you choose to purchase optional additional insurance coverage on the rental car through the rental car agency, you will be responsible for that cost.

At Georgia Square Collision, we do our best to make the car repair process as easy as possible on you. Contact us today by filling out our form!

Convinced? Simply fill out the form and we will get your life and your car back in the fast lane!