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Brad Tucker
car repair app

When we ask our customers what is important to them when getting auto body and collision repair work performed on their vehicles, convenience and a quick repair process are two of the most common responses. From my own experience, I can tell you that insurance carriers value a quick and cost-effective repair process.

Brad Tucker
Teen Driving PATK

No group of drivers has a higher risk of being involved in an automobile accident than teenagers. Within this group, drivers 16-17 years of age have the highest risk. The best mechanism that exists to reduce the number of teen driving accidents is an involved parent.

Brad Tucker
teen driver street survival

Teaching new drivers how to drive safely is a very important parental responsibility. Since most parents are not trained professional driving instructors, this can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, a number of resources exist to help parents and other teen driver educators. Here are a few:

Brad Tucker
Free rental car program

What do you do if your car has been wrecked and you don’t have rental car coverage on your insurance policy? Walk? Hitchhike? Here’s a better solution: bring your car to Georgia Square Collision. Not only will we repair your car quickly, you may be eligible for free use of a rental car while your car is in our shop!

Here's how it works: we'll provide you with free use of a rental car for up to 8 days, depending on the severity of your collision damage.

Brad Tucker
BSRP Recognized Business

The team at Georgia Square Collision is proud to announce that we have been recognized by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) as a Blue Seal of Excellence auto repair facility for 2014, as we were in 2013.

Brad Tucker

You’ve just bought a new set of custom wheels and tires, or a new audio system, or performance parts to enhance your car. It looks, sounds, and runs great! But have you given any thought to what could happen to those parts—and the money you spent on them—if your car is involved in a collision?

Brad Tucker
Bug damage to bumper

Most recent model cars and SUVs come with attractive painted plastic front bumpers. Because of their design, they improve fuel mileage, reduce wind noise, and look great.

Well, they look great until the bugs that hit the bumper etch into the paint! When that happens, your formerly pretty front bumper starts to look like it has a disease, especially if it’s a dark color. Properly repainting that bumper can easily run into hundreds of dollars.

Brad Tucker
Collision repair estimates may vary

If you’ve been involved in a collision, the first step in the auto body repair process is getting a collision repair estimate.

Brad Tucker

November is the time of year with the highest number of deer-related accidents, closely followed by the months of December and October. The deer are not looking out for you on the road, so you should be especially focused on looking out for them right now.

In spite of your best efforts, you may be faced with a split second decision to either hit the deer or try to avoid it. It’s human nature to try to protect life, so most of us would instinctively try to avoid the deer.

Here are 3 very good reasons to hit that deer, rather than trying to miss it:

Brad Tucker
doe image

During October, November, and December, deer-related accidents make up a substantial amount of the auto body repair work we perform at Georgia Square Collision.

Brad Tucker
Review Auto Insurance Policies

Auto insurance policies are kind of like body shops; you don’t really think about them until you need to use them. If you don’t have to file a claim against your insurance policy, it’s easy to simply pay the bill and get on with your busy life. The problem with this is that when you do have to file a claim, you may find out that you don’t have the type or amount of coverage that you need.

Brad Tucker
When to Buy New Tires

When you go to an auto repair shop or tire store and have your tires checked, you may hear statements like “you have 5/32nds of tread left,” or “your tires are feathered.”

Unless you know something about tire wear, phrases like this not only sound like a foreign language, they could cause you to spend a lot of money on new tires unnecessarily.