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Advice from President of Auto Repair Shop:

Brad Tucker

Brad Tucker, president of Georgia Square Collision, sat down to talk GSQ beginnings, inspiration, and business practices. Tucker talks about the origin of his business and gives great advice for networking and leading a fulfilling career.

Georgia Square Collision opened in 1992, and Brad Tucker has been running the collision repair shop for 6 years, although that’s the last thing he ever expected to do. Tucker originally operated a car dealership which had the body shop as a side business, but never felt fully engaged with it. But, with the sale of the dealership in 2011, he decided to dedicate his time to the collision industry. Although it was the last thing he thought he would be doing, Tucker knew that it was the right decision, and began running Georgia Square Collision.

When it comes to networking, Tucker’s advice is simple: practice. If you practice enough, you can seem like a natural, even if networking isn’t your strong suit. Tucker started out doing inside sales, but after purchasing Georgia Square Collision had to start networking and branching out. He says that with practice, he became more comfortable and effective at meeting new people and making connections.

Tucker advises that in any industry, it’s always important to go above and beyond to assist people. He believes that no matter what product or service a business provides, what that business really does is solve problems for their customers. He emphasizes that any successful person, no matter what they do for a living, aims to add value to other people’s lives. The key to success, in Tucker’s opinion, is to focus on helping people in the best way that you can, and you will enrich not only their life but your own too.

So Tucker’s advice, ultimately, is to be open to new ideas and opportunities, to be willing to learn new skills and never stop practicing them in order to improve, and above all, to add value to other people’s lives.